Feeling the love at Disney Resorts provided me a magical childhood

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From left, Maria Chaidez with her daughter Melissa Garcia in 2006, Melissa and Maria in November of 2021. The first picture was taken at Melissa’s first visit to DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida and the second picture was taken in Nov. 2021 in Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif.

Melissa Garcia, Staff Writer

The happiest place on earth has not only filled up the majority of my childhood memories but it’s also become a part of my life. 

Ever since I was 4, my mom and I would take trips every other summer to Orlando. 

We would do everything from breakfast with either the princesses or Mickey and friends, or getting to go to Epcot and Animal Kingdom to meet all the different characters in a day.

My mom did it all so I could experience Disney in real life. As a kid, it was a dream turned into a reality.

My mom did that for all my childhood. 

Melissa Garcia poses with Mickey Mouse in 2006 at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
Melissa Garcia poses with Mickey Mouse in 2006 at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Disney was different though, because Disney World was also spent with family. I got to spend some trips with my cousins both older and younger and create memories like being in the hotel pool all day or spending days waiting in lines for rides.
Since then I’ve moved to California, and we now have a blended family able to take trips to Disneyland with my step siblings for our birthdays and holidays. 

We’ve spent time in line playing charades to make time pass faster, and we constantly get snacks like their warm cinnamon churros and buttery popcorn. 

Then we end the days by watching the nighttime light show on the water and firework show above the castle.

Ending nights with Mickey have always been a highlight of my day.

Disney is everything to my mom and I because of the memories it holds. It’s what I’ve been enjoying since I was 4, and now at 20 I’m still going to Disneyland with my mom around Christmas time. 

Once I grew up and realized the different aspects to life and the complexity it has. Whenever I return to Disney and create more memories with my mom it brings me back to being a child again even at the age of 20.

Through many different points in my life Disney has been a constant and reminded me of love.

Whether it’s for those I’m with or all that’s around me, their way of love holds a special place in my heart. I think people should try and experience either at their next trip to a Disney park or watching one of their many movies.