‘Nocturna’ is an eerie film that will keep you on the edge of your seats

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Rodrigo Hernandez

Photo Illustration.

Rodrigo Hernandez, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The astonishing, dream-like landscapes of “Nocturna” help pull viewers into a picturesque, whirl-wild animated adventure. 

The film follows a young boy named Tim, as he discovers the nightly world of Nocturna and all the creatures that live inside it. A mysterious darkness is consuming the light, leaving Tim as the only one who can stop it and save Nocturna and its inhabitants. 

The film’s distinct animation style allures the audience from the get-go. With “Alice in Wonderland”-like characters and ethereal backgrounds, it makes for a visual feast that the viewer never wants to end. The film achieves the effect of appearing as three-dimensional even though it is on a two-dimensional medium. Each scene has layers of depth and meticulous detail put into it, making every frame a work of art. 

The steampunk-esque architectural style with characters dressed in ‘40s-era clothing makes for a distinct aesthetic that is reminiscent of director Guillermo del Toro. However, the film manages to make its own voice be heard and stands on its own as an entertaining adventure for the whole family. 

Although this animated film is safe for kids to enjoy, it also includes mature themes and topics such as loneliness and insecurity. The film masterfully conveys its heartfelt messages in a well-edited 88 minutes. The smooth pace of the movie allows for each scene to seamlessly blend together, never once feeling like it’s dragging.  

The film is also relatable to the viewers by including nighttime elements such as messy hair, creaky floorboards, chirping crickets and even meowing cats, and using them as characteristics to the story.

This imaginative way of storytelling is an intelligent use of integrating real-life details into a fantasy adventure. 

Another great aspect of the film is the score. Almost every minute of each scene has music that accompanies it, making the scenes that are absent of music much more gripping and tense. Although the score doesn’t have an iconic melody that would be stuck in the heads of the viewers, it does amplify each scene, which only adds to the dreamy atmosphere. 

The specific cool, eerie hues of green and blue for the night contrast the warm colors of the light and day, making for a visual spectacle that is full of classic cinematic techniques and motifs. The glow that emanates from the lights in the film is soft, warm, and wraps around each setting and character, which shows the prowess and ability of the artists that worked on this film. 

“Nocturna” is a charming experience that can be enjoyed by all ages and can be found on Kanopy. 

I rate it a 9/10.