‘Mario Kart 8’ is the champion of racing games to enjoy with friends

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Alexandra Rubalcaba Ruther

From left, Zoe St. Pierre, Evelyn Spence, and Joseph Kolda play ‘Mario Kart 8’ on a Nintendo Switch from their home on Feb. 4 in Isla Vista, Calif. ‘Mario Kart 8’ is a family-friendly game that all ages can enjoy playing.

Alexandra Rubalcaba Ruther, Staff Writer

Watching a movie or show can be fun, but after a while, it becomes repetitive and mind-numbing. 

If you want to find out how competitive you and your friends can be. I suggest playing Nintendo’s ‘Mario Kart 8.’

The pandemic has made safely socializing with friends almost impossible right now.

However, Mario Kart players go through a whole array of emotions. From jumping around in victorious excitement to storming off in frustration, determined to win the next race. But that’s just the charm of the game.

The game is offered on the Nintendo Switch.

One to four players can choose from any of their favorite Nintendo characters ranging from Mario himself to one of Nintendo’s characters from other properties, such as ‘Link’ from ‘The Legend of Zelda.’

Players also have the option of driving a kart or motorcycle, as well as choosing specific tires for modifications and a glider to take flying jumps with. 

‘Mario Kart 8’ offers 48 tracks for players to pick and choose, compared to the original ‘Mario Kart’ on the Nintendo 64 which only offered 16 courses. All courses come unlocked on ‘Mario Kart 8,’ unlike the Wii version, where you have to win Grand Prixs to unlock new tracks. 

While driving, the players can throw shells to knock out others, send lighting zaps to shrink opponents, throw fireballs or boomerangs at drivers, and much more.

Playing ‘Mario Kart 8’ has become fun to play with friends and housemates, while most activities today are unavailable due to social distancing because of the pandemic.

Personally, my go-to is always the light-blue Yoshi in a kart, but finding your own character and kart is all part of the fun of testing out different variations.

When you and your friends don’t know what to do I suggest sitting around the TV and trying your drifting and driving skills on a Grand Prix. Experience the exhilarating satisfaction from hitting your friend with a shell, and knocking them from first place, sending you across the finish line as the victor. 

Mario Kart 8 crosses the finish line in first place for fun activities to play with friends while social distancing.