Beat quarantine boredom without internet connection, fun at home


Desiree Erdmann

The possibilities are endless when it comes to art. Trying out a new medium of paint, collage, drawing or even making a sculpture out of found objects around your house can help pass the time.

Alvaro Abrego Trancozo, Staff Writer

It’s more important now to practice social distancing. Most counties in California have been placed in the purple tier, meaning the risk of COVID-19 is widespread and a lot of places are closing again. Staying home is the best option, but boredom can creep its way into your day so here’s a few ways you can spend your time that don’t require an internet connection.


If you have nothing to do, just pick up a book and read. Read books that you’ve already read in hardcopy if you don’t have any new books. You can even try exchanging books with friends to read some of their favorites. Experts say you should aim to read for about 30 minutes a day, but if you really like the book then read as long as you want. It’s better to do that then just sit home all day and do nothing. Put some effort into reading if you don’t do it much and enjoy the book while you’re at it.


Another way to pass the time is writing. Journaling your ideas or anything that comes to mind is one of the best ways to help strengthen your self discipline and spark your creativity, according to Huffpost. Documenting your thoughts and life experiences gives you the chance to see how you’ve grown and changed. If journaling doesn’t appeal to you then try writing a fictional story about anything you want. You can use all the creativity and imagination you can think of. Just find a pencil, paper and get creative.

Playing Cards

If you have playing cards at home, then you can use those to play a memory match type of game. To start off, get all the cards and spread them around. Pick two cards, if they do not match, then you put them back down and pick two more. If you get a match then you take the cards that matched from the pile. You can either play by yourself or with a friend. It’s a classic that anyone can enjoy.


You don’t have to practice yoga or be a monk to try meditating. To begin, sit on the floor and cross your legs in “criss, cross, applesauce” style. Then keep your back straight, set a timer, close your eyes, and take deep breaths while letting yourself think and feel anything you want. If you find yourself getting stressed, try focusing your thoughts on one thing to make you calm. Try doing this for about two to five minutes for a few days then add about two or three minutes every session.