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SBCC students design online marketing campaign for school

Two City College international students are working to promote artists from the multimedia department and showcase their work produced in City College classes on social media.

Sanna Malin Goeransson and Olivia Boe are two Swedish students that have been working closely with their mentor and the co-chair of the multimedia arts department, Michael Gallegos.

“When I approached them, they were very enthusiastic,” Gallegos said. “They wanted to get a real life experience in the field of marketing. I had tried to approach other students before, but no one was as serious.”

Although the multimedia department has a lot of talented students who produce quality work, their work is often only seen by them and their instructors. Goeransson and Boe are working toward marketing the students’ ability to produce quality work so their work can be seen and accessed by many.

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Part of their mission is to raise awareness of the importance of marketing and the effect of social media in today’s world.

“Students need to develop their multimedia skills,” said Goeransson. “It is very advantageous when you apply to jobs.”

In today’s fast paced world, one’s ability to produce quality product is only half of the job the other half is presenting it visually and marketing it.

“This has been a great opportunity for us,” Boe said. “We are getting a real work experience by applying what we learned in Gallegos’ class. We are two international girls that want to prove that if you work hard enough you can do something.”

Graphic design and marketing is a field typically dominated by men. Goeransson and Boe are trying to break this control by being the first students to ever get paid to do a marketing campaign for City College.

“We hope this will inspire other departments to hire students and allow them the chance to apply what they are being taught here at the school,” Goeransson said.

Goeransson and Boe, like many other international students, came to City College for the nice weather and friendly atmosphere, but most importantly, to pursue their dreams. In their case it was marketing.

“I knew what I wanted to do before I came here,” said Goeransson. “But I had no experience. [City College] helped me grow. It made me more hungry to achieve things.”

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