FOX’s ‘American Horror Story’ brings Halloween early to T.V.


Antony Marchiando


KARMEN KODIA, Channels Staff

The bloody, mysterious and high rated show “American Horror Story” had the premiere for its fifth season Wednesday, Oct. 7 on FOX.

This time the show takes place at the fancy Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles, giving the season its name “America Horror Story: Hotel.” The hotel has its share of secrets, for example, when checking in there are no ways to check out.

Old guests sewn into mattresses and kidnapped and brainwashed kids are just some of the frightening aspects that will scare the new hotel guests.

The first episode “Checking In,” begins with two young Swedish girls checking into Room 64 at the Hotel Cortez. One of the girls falls asleep, but wakes up at 2:25 a.m. and finds her friend’s blood being drained by blood-sucking children.

The murder house Hotel Cortez is run by a vampire, played by Matt Boomer and his blood-loving queen, Lady Gaga. The introduction of the beautiful couple was very dramatic to watch. They invite a random couple into the hotel, make love with them, subsequently kill them and enjoy drinking their blood.

The main character of the show, the Countess Lady Gaga, has no fear to kill whatever is in her way. I was thrilled to see how good of an actress she is and how much she reminded me of her own music videos.

The hair-rising music, originally from the Eagles song, “Hotel California,” made the show even scarier to watch.

Beside all the bloody and inappropriate scenes, I enjoyed watching the mysterious at Hotel Cortez. This episode left some unanswered questions that I will have to find out in the next episode. One thing is for sure; I will never book Room 64 after watching this show.

Episode two of American Horror Story, “Chutes and Ladders,” will air at 10 p.m., Oct. 14 on FOX.