Joshua Villanueva – student senate presidential candidate

Diana Aguilar

Aidan Anderson, Editor in Chief

Joshua Villanueva, age 23 from Paso Robles, California, is running for a second term as President of the Associated Student Government in the upcoming ASG elections.

While studying as a Computer Engineering major, Villanueva has stayed busy during his term as president, from helping to implement the SBCC food pantry, to working to open up showers at City College to any students who wish to use them. Additionally, he helped to alleviate the ASG’s financial crisis by directing $53,000 towards funding student activities.

If re-elected, Villanueva said he hopes to promote the sustainability effort on campus by advocating for more hydration stations on campus as well as the use of biodegradable resources in the cafeterias, such as a composting pile for food scraps. On the subject of the cafeteria, Villanueva said he wants to work with food services to provide more quality food options for students, as well as advocate for better prices on existing meals offered on campus.

Lastly, he said he plans to collaborate with student advocacy programs to promote awareness of sexual assault on campus as well as in and around Isla Vista. He also said he hopes to implement more on-campus resources for students to respond to such issues.

Click here for Joshua Villanueva’s full candidate statement.