Hannah Truckenbroad – student senate presidential candidate

Diana Aguilar

Delaney Smith, Features Editor

Hannah Truckenbrod, a 20-year-old Communications major from San Diego, is running for the position of Associated Student Government President.

Truckenbrod is running for President because she wants to make City College a more inclusive and welcoming environment for students. One of the ways she plans to do this is through organizing social events for incoming freshman.

Truckenbrod also plans to give students more of a chance to voice their opinions, and she proposes to do this by placing suggestion boxes around campus that students can deposit their suggestions or complaints into.

In high school, Truckenbrod got leadership experience when she was the president of a non-profit that raised money for building schools in third world countries. She believes this prepared her for the position of ASG President.

Click here for Hannah Truckenbrod’s full candidate statement.