Melissa Cook candidate platform

Melissa Cook, Student Advocate

Hello, I am Melissa Cook. I have been working in the disabled community for a year now, and I believe my experience has enlightened me to the many injustices the disabled community still faces in terms of equality, even on this campus.

Melissa Cook, running for student advocate.
Isabelle Sinibaldi
Melissa Cook, running for student advocate.

I want to implement programs and events for peers to interact with the disabled community, as well as be aware of the correct way of interacting with such students. My second initiative is to finalize a multi-stall gender neutral bathroom on West Campus, preferably in the new building being constructed. I am currently working tirelessly with the LGBT+ club to resolve this issue and to ensure that all students are treated equally on this campus. I believe that as Student Advocate I will be able to force the administration to understand that the SBCC student body believes that we must support and protect all students, regardless of gender identity/expression. My third major initiative is requiring all stores on campus to have tampons and pads available for menstruating students to send a message that all students deserve accessible education. These three initiatives only represent a portion of the goals I hope to achieve if I am elected student advocate, however I hope that I have gotten across my main point: I am the candidate who will stand up to the administration for all students. I want SBCC to live up to it’s reputation of being the best community college in the country by embracing our diversity and fixing the problems that remain. My experience in the nonprofit sector has made me perfectly equipped to advocate on behalf of all the student body, and I encourage anybody to give me feedback about how they feel SBCC is representing them and how I can help.