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Josh Villanueva, Vice President of Internal Affairs

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  •      Transition EOPS Food Pantry into an independent “Feed a Vaquero Program” to support students that are homeless or are in need on campus
  •      Spread awareness of our Associated Student Government on campus so students can better represent themselves
  •      Extend the library hours at Luria Library

    Joshua Villanueva Vice President of Internal Affairs

    Michaela Wahlstroem
    Joshua Villanueva Vice President of Internal Affairs

  •      Advocate for better housing situations within Santa Barbara and Isla Vista
  •    Maximize the sustainability effort on campus by supporting the use of biodegradable resources in our cafeterias, advocate for the installation of more hydration stations, supporting the SBCC Permaculture Garden and working with food services to support a compost pile on campus.
  •      Increase the amount of student representation on a state level to help implement laws and policies to better represent Santa Barbara City College students
  •      Collaborate with clubs and Athletics on campus to integrate a bigger sense of school spirit and pride on campus
  •      Work with the athletics department to make sure student athletes are being equally represented
  •      Work with the tutoring labs on campus to create a more efficient environment for students
  •      Increase the support for transportation alternatives in order to reduce parking congestion
  •      Decrease the parking overflow during Monday-Thursday by working with Program and Land Use Master Plan Committee to open up more classes on Fridays and Saturdays
  •      Further support student-oriented programs such as DSPS, STEM, ESL, MESA, EOPS, and Honors in order to maintain their success on campus.
  •      Work with food services to better the food options and advocate for better price options on campus
  •      Collaborate with student advocate programs, to address sexual assault awareness on campus and within Isla Vista, such as planned parenthood to increase awareness, improve on-campus resources responding to survivors of sexual violence

·Work with the Office of Student Life to provide an on-campus legal advisor

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