Christopher Lee platform

Christopher Lee, Student Advocate

Hello, my name is Christopher Lee and I am currently running for the Student Advocate position. I intend to provide my full support for marginalized students and minority groups who require backing.

Christopher Lee, running for student advocate.
Isabelle Sinibaldi
Christopher Lee, running for student advocate.

It is one of my deepest belief that all students should be given an equal opportunity to achieve the best they can. Namely, stability is the most important element of being able to walk the path to success ­ whether this stability is environmental, or is addressing a mental state. I understand that being able to communicate your needs to somebody who can be of assistance can truly make a difference, and hence wish to make myself available for you at any given moment. I have been a K­12 grade English teacher in Asia as well as running various aid trips to countries in distress, and I’ve learned to empathize and enable those in need by providing stability through cooperative communication and progressive action. As a final point, I plan to re­establish and fortify an open ended method of communication, help contest any adverse actions that hinders student abilities, and help various minority clubs receive more visibility and support. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle ­ together they make the world a brighter place.