SBCC electro-pop band breaks into local scene

The band “Surprise Me!” is at a Friday night rehearsal at the recording studio, built by Joveth Jorquia, the band’s lead singer. The band is playing tonight at local State Street bar Whiskey Richards. The six-member group combines classical instruments with modern electro pop.

The group met during City College’s Music 120 class taught by Dom Camardella.

John Jorquia: “Our guitarist started it all. He saw me from one of the ‘Music Now’ shows; he saw me perform a Bruno Mars song and he told me that one day, because we ended up being in the same class… It was Valentines Day, and he makes his own music as well (his name is Julian Hall). He gave me a CD of his work and there was a little note next to it saying, and then a candy for it saying, ‘Hey buddy I heard you sang before, and I would really like to make music with you. Let’s make music together.’”

The group has been performing in Santa Barbara for the last two years at local bars, and the “Music Now!” showcase at City College. “Surprise Me!” released an eight-song debut tape two years ago. They recorded as soon as possible to get their music heard so they could book shows.

Julian Hall: “The name ‘Surprise Me?’ Again, it’s kind of like ‘Oh what do you want to drink? Surprise Me!’”

The band is currently working on their first studio record.

Dom Camardella: “’Surprise Me!’ is a really exciting kind of rock electronic dance music sound. It’s really upbeat. Joveth is a dynamic stage performer. Dex, Carmelisa, and the rest of the band… [they’re] really exciting to watch, great sound, and super fun. ‘Surprise Me!’ is really a pleasant thing that has emerged out of my time here teaching Music 120.”

John Joquia: “I’d say the second CD is more like a combination of every individual in the band’s genre that they are from and we combine the genre together, and we find our identity in a way.”

Dom Camardella: “Carmelisa plays violin and when she first came here with me, she was on a acoustic traditional violin, and little by little as her interests grew in the electronic sound, now she went out and got herself a wonderful plug-in. It’s like a clearer, plexi-glass violin, it’s kind of fun.” said Carmadella

John Jorquia: “I’m willing to put all the time in the world to make more songs and create more sounds with this band.”