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Student musicians team up to play downtown Santa Barbara clubs

The club is roaring on a typical Thursday night for DJ Vasu Patel and violinist Eddi Magic.

Patel was born in England, but moved to his parents’ home country of Zambia when he was young.

Vasu Patel, DJ: “And I said straight away, I need to find a school to come to in Santa Barbara because of how beautiful it was.”

Magic came from Sweden, raised with Bosnian and Croatian roots.

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Eddi Magic, Violinist: “So, yeah, it has helped me to…to appreciate different cultures and be open minded about it.”

The duo first met in January at Velvet Jones when they were set to perform together. This was Magic’s first time playing in Santa Barbara and Patel had been performing here for over a year.

Vasu Patel: “We both played at the nightclub on one of the nights when Marcos said, ‘Hey, you just gotta play with this guy.’ We didn’t know each other. We didn’t know what talents each other have or anything.”

They worked together until May before going home for summer. When they returned in fall, they met with EOS and started performing on their patio.

Eddi Magic: “Vasu told me we’re performing outside. I couldn’t even see it in front of me because I know how it looks like there, but I have never seen music out there, or a DJ or anything. So I was like, ‘Okay, it’s interesting. It’s going to be really…yeah. We will see how this will go.’”

Vasu Patel: “It was something different. The managers were interested in look at what we had as a DJ/violinist duo.”

EOS management was impressed by the students’ first outdoor performance.

Whitney Van Pelt, EOS General Manager: “They’ve brought in a good crowd and people have really taken a liking to them. So it’s been a great addition to our club.”

Bix King, EOS Art Entertainment Director: “They’re both the most genuine, cool people I’ve probably ever met and worked with here. I hope they never leave.”

Besides being a successful DJ, Patel is a Phi Theta Kappa leader and City College international ambassador.

Vas Patel: “As an ambassador, we organize events on campus, and some off campus, to create a bridge for international students and U.S. students alike to come closer and build a community on campus.”

Patel, majoring in business, hopes to transfer to Berkeley. When he graduates, he’s going to help with his family’s hotel business.

Vas Patel: “And then I got the reassurance that I was studying the right thing over the summer after I lost my dad. So I had a lot more responsibilities. And so I’ve continued to study business and not change to music, or something like that.”

Magic, majoring in music, wants to be a professional musician.

Eddi Magic: “I got so many things: opportunities, chances, you name it. Like, with the violin here…as long I can do that and continue with the school at the same time, I can, I can be more satisfied.”

You can catch Patel and Magic performing Thursdays nights at EOS.

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