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Broadcast Transcript 9/18

Hey guys! I’m Mac, your Channels Editor in Chief, and this is our update for the week of September 18th.

To start off, here’s Megan Randolph with News.


Thank you Mac!

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On Sept. 1, Senate bill 186 was signed into law allowing California Community Colleges to discipline students for crimes that occur off-campus.

This means Community Colleges will have the power to suspend or expel students for crimes such as sexual assault and rape, even if they occurred off-campus.

Landlords also may write rules in their contracts that extend this law, meaning that students could lose their housing if convicted of a crime.

Also, two summer sessions were offered for the first time this summer.

The College Planning Council is now deciding whether they will be offered again and figuring out which changes to make.

To inform yourself further on these topics, you can go to the and search under News. Now here’s Landon with Sports.


Thanks Megan!

After losing their first game of the season, the Vaqueros football team earned their first win last Saturday when they beat Allan Hancock 21-20.

After being down 10-0 the comeback was led by sophomore running back Marvin Millett who had 109 yards on just 12 carries in the win.

On Tuesday the men’s soccer team suffered their first loss of the season when they lost to Chaffey College 3-1.

City College outshot Chaffey 28-10 but could not capitalize on the opportunities.

The loss drops City College to a 4-1 record.

To read more about these games see the sports page on the channels.

Now here’s Megan Roberts with Opinion.


Earlier this week in opinion, the ed board published its first editorial of the semester.

We discussed the current standards for student senators, and what we believe they should be held to as representatives of the student body.

Because of the responsibilities that they have, those of us on the Ed Board believe that both current and hopeful senators should be held to at least a 3.0 average.

They have an immense amount of power in representing the students, and should be the best representatives possible.

Today, we published another editorial regarding the dual sessions that were offered this past summer.

However, many students don’t know that they were only a trial run.

While it was useful to help students transfer more quickly, and brought in a lot of money for the school, we experienced technical problems with pipeline because the IT staff had far less time to upgrade the system.

At the Channels, we feel that there are several improvements that could be made to ensure that these double sessions will be offered again.

We believe that with more extensive planning, everyone will be able to benefit.

To read more about our first two editorials, as well as any other articles mentioned during this video, please go check out the

Now stay tuned for next week’s update!

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