Mathew Marino – student senate president


Amanda Stubbing

Running for Student President is Mathew Marino, a fourth-semester electrical engineering major and current student senator who was formerly on his high school’s student government, Friday, March 13, on City College’s East Campus in Santa Barbara. Says Marino, “There’s just a lot of inactivity right now and I really want to see more in the Senate.”


Santa Barbara local Mathew Marino hopes to become Student Senate President to see more activity within the senate.

Marina is in the middle of his fourth semester at City College as an electrical engineering major. He is a current senator and has previous experience working as Vice President of Internal Affairs in his high school’s student government.

“The main reason I joined the senate was because I thought it seemed like a great opportunity to get involved,” Marino said.

Marino expressed how difficult it was to initially join the Associated Student Government, but after becoming involved, he wants to take the next step to improve City College.

“When it came time for elections, I thought that maybe I could have the ability to be senior officer,” he said. “There’s just a lot of inactivity right now and I really want to see more in the senate. I really want to gauge our performance on what we are doing, not what we are talking about.”

Marino hopes to be able to improve school spirit on campus and to create helpful programs for students, such as a mentorship program.

“I think the biggest problem right now with a lot of students is commitment,” Marino said. “They want to get a good education but they just don’t have the commitment to do it yet.”