Maggie Cabrera – student advocate


Amanda Stubbing

Running for Student Advocate is Maggie Cabrera, a second-year sociology major and president for the Hands 4 Others club, Friday, March 13, on City College’s East Campus in Santa Barbara. “I want to build community here, because I feel it’s important to be inclusive,” says Cabrera.


Second-year City College student Maggie Cabrera is running for the seat of Student Advocate in the upcoming Associated Student Government elections.

The Santa Barbara local is a sociology major and says she has a passion for creating a better experience for students.

“I want to build community here, because I feel it’s important to be inclusive,” said Cabrera. “When I say I want to be an advocate for the student body, I mean every student and all students, especially with the range of diversity that we have here.”

Cabrera has experience working leadership positions in clubs during her high school tenure, and is currently the president for the Hands 4 Others club, a new club fighting for water sustainability.

Cabrera’s primary goal is to achieve a sense of community on campus. She believes outreach is “definitely the best channel to implement.”

“I know it’s cheesy and maybe sort of cliché and idealistic, but I think it feels good when you walk around on campus and you have at least one person in that crowd that you recognize,” she said. “Building that community and having a sense of inclusiveness is really beneficial, not just for students and their social well-being but in general for their success. It has a lot of impact on their academic and social success.”