Johanna Alvarez – student advocate


Amanda Stubbing

Running for Student Advocate is Johanna Alvarez, a second-year sociology major and current student senator, Friday, March 13, on City College’s East Campus in Santa Barbara. “I think we should definitely work on our relationship with UCSB,” says Alvarez.


Santa Barbara local Johanna Alvarez is a current senator who is now running for the Student Advocate position during her second year at City College.

Majoring in sociology, Alvarez became a senator for the Associated Student Government in February of this year. She now strives to see the student body develop a tighter knit community.

“This past semester I became involved with student senate, so I have one semester under my belt,” Alvarez said. “I really enjoy it so far. I’ve always had a positive experience here, and I want to help other people have the same experiences as I have.”

Alvarez said she has noticed the large amount of students living in Isla Vista, and hopes to work on creating a better relationship with the UCSB community.

“I think we should definitely work on our relationship with UCSB,” she said. “Tons of students here live in IV, and I want to work on making SBCC more known and making sure the community there knows we are apart of it.”

Alvarez believes that working with the UCSB Associated Students and holding more events for UC and City College students alike will help bridge this gap.

“We could even work on getting tutors out here from UCSB to help everyone out,” Alvarez said.

She will be running against fellow senator Maggie Cabrera.