David Kim – student senate president


Amanda Stubbing

Running for Student President is David Kim, a first-year student majoring in economics and minoring in English, with a campaign motto ‘commitment to community,’ Friday, March 13, on City College’s East Campus in Santa Barbara.


City College student David Kim is running for student senate presidency in hopes of leading a student government that represents his fellow students more accurately.

With the campaign motto “commitment to community,” Kim said that he only wants to see that the voices of the student body are heard.

The first year student plans to major in economics with a minor in English, and became interested in the student senate after observing how many of his peers are unaware of their own representation.

“I feel like the school could offer more opportunities to make students more involved,” Kim said. “I believe the student senate does not accurately represent the student voice. That’s what student government is supposed to do. I think that can change, and I think we can work with the students to change that.”

Originally from Davis, California, Kim expressed that he gained previous political experience while working in student government for the second half of his high school career.

“I considered a few other positions, but I want to become the president,” he said. “It’s kind of a personal preference, but if I feel that something is wrong or I can change something, then I want to be in the position and change it myself.”