CD Review- Day and Age

Anneli Bergqvist, Anneli Bergqvist, and Anneli Bergqvist

Glittery Vegas rock stars “The Killers” no longer portray a cocky image after the release of its third studio album “Day & Age,” in late November. Instead they’ve made new beats for the album, by experimenting with new instruments and sounds.

They also got completely new inspirational sources, like U2, whose sound can be heard in “Neon Tiger,” Latino rhythm in “I Can’t Stay,” and jazz in the album’s opening track “Losing Touch.” Most of the tracks also start with a sparkling intro, and then grow in the refrains. This progression is an unbeatable combination.

Like poetry turned into music, the songs have lyrics that would fit perfectly in a letter to a beloved, such as, “Your sky is full of dreams, but you don’t know how to fly,” from the track “This Is Your Life.” ?

The album makes a strong statement.

4 Stars out of 5