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Column – Goodbye Santa Barbara

It is time to move again, and I don’t feel like I ever settled in.

After two and a half years in Santa Barbara, my natural instinct to pick up and start over has jumped into over-drive. This time however, it feels a little different.

My family and I moved six times before I was 10 years old, and I did not mind at all. As a young child, the new scenery was refreshing, and friends were easy to replace.

That all changed when we moved to California when I was 11. All of the previous stops had been within the state of Ohio, but moving to California might as well have been moving to Mars.

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Leaving Ohio was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. However, after that experience, and the culture shock that came with it, moving has been pleasant and relatively exciting.

This event is the driving force behind my nomadic nature. After a little over one year in a single place, I feel compelled to leave.

Coming to Santa Barbara from Orange County was a piece of cake. When I first got here, I fell in love with the scenery and the nightlife, dispelling any apprehension about leaving my family and friends behind.

In the midst of my fifth semester here at City College, it’s time to decide where to transfer.

This decision is a tough one because there are many variables to consider, and for the first time I am in complete control of my destination.

Every time I begin to think about my future, I am overwhelmed by all the wonderful people I’ve met, and experiences I’ve had here in Santa Barbara.

Leaving Santa Barbara would be a lot like leaving Ohio when I was 11. It just doesn’t feel right.

Of course going to UCSB is an option. But given how quickly I become bored with where I live, and my goals for the future, I’m not sure that it is the best place for me.

College is a time when people are open to new things. Every college aged person is in the midst of a transition from childhood to adulthood, and moving is simply a part of this transition.

Giving up the beautiful weather, the gorgeous women, and the unbelievable party scene may be a necessary step in my maturation into adulthood.

In the past, I learned that leaving a place you love is not necessarily a bad thing. Meeting new people and embracing a new culture has given me what I would consider to be my most endearing qualities: tolerance and open-mindedness.

My only real concern is whether or not I will ever feel comfortable staying in one place for an extended amount of time.

There are few places in this country more pleasant than Santa Barbara, and yet for some reason I feel that I must leave.

One day I would like to settle down in place very similar to here, but for now it’s probably best that I stay on the move.

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