City College Local Bands: Verna Beware

Joey Large

No mic, a set of drums, numerous amplifiers, and more guitars than there are musicians fill the garage as the band practices. Although two band members are missing, the space atop the Mesa is crowded with instruments and household appliances found in any family garage.

Lead singer Kyran Million, 19, lead guitarist Tali Cook, 21, and drummer A.J. Herald, 19, are City College students in the band Verna Beware.

The bass player is Millions’ younger brother Michael, 17, a San Marcos high school student. Bret Noel, 19, a UCLA student, alternates between trumpet and synth, and sometimes percussion.

Kyran and Tali write the songs. “Tali comes up with the riffs, and I do the melody,” Kyran said.

The three City College students concentrate on music classes, though they admit that they will skip class to practice.

“We really just want to play music,” A.J. said, regarding any educational goals.

Verna Beware started in May, and put out their self-titled, three track EP on Sept. 12. Kyran, Tali, and Bret had played together previously in a band named The Donner Party. When it disassembled, they decided to start a new band. Originally named “Run Rabbit Run,” they changed the name after a band from Los Angeles with the same name threatened to sue.

Their former drummer left to attend the University of California, Santa Cruz, and A.J. took over on drums after the release of the band’s EP.

Verna Beware said they are looking forward to a show they will play at the Whiskey-a-Go-Go on Sunset Boulevard on Nov. 7. Tali said that most of the audience would never have heard of them, but that it is great exposure.