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New cameras donated for athletic program

The City College athletic department has significantly upgraded its video equipment by purchasing software from CoachComm, a cutting edge, wireless, sideline communication provider.

The new equipment has led to the creation of a class that will be offered at City College for the first time this summer. The class will teach students to operate the highly advanced video equipment and will be the first training center of its kind on the West Coast.

“Many [division one] schools and professional teams have full-time jobs for people who can operate this video equipment,” said Craig Robinson, an assistant football coach at City College.

The purchasing of the video software and subsequent creation of a class was made possible by a $50,000 contribution from an unnamed booster, along with support from the administration.

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The goal is for a portion of the students to work for the athletic department and for others to use the knowledge they have gained to find jobs elsewhere.

“This class will not only teach about sports video, but it will also teach students the fundamentals of computers and hardware,” said CoachComm’s Nick Kromer.

Over the past year, the City College football team has used this video equipment.

The new software allows coaches to group film of different plays and formations in any order they see fit.

“The new software has enhanced our coaching ability and provided us with a teaching avenue that we’ve never had before,” said head football coach Craig Moropoulos.

The video equipment also offers major advantages for City College athletes looking to take their skills to the next level. It allows coaches to group together plays that feature one individual player, which can be used to create highlight tapes, to be sent off to various four-year universities.

“Through the class we are hoping to give people a foundation to spring board off of,” said Robinson.

This summer’s class plans to take a trip to USC and an additional professional sporting event to see its knowledge being utilized in real world situations.

“The situation is snowballing and becoming a potentially ground breaking operation,” said Moropoulos.

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