CD Review – The Kooks’ “Konk”

Chelsey Steinman, Chelsey Steinman, and Chelsey Steinman

Though the British band The Kooks refers to “Konk” as their pop album, don’t expect the bubble gum, instrumentally-deprived sound characteristic of typical pop today.

Fun, refreshing, and full of life, The Kooks’ sophomore album lends some dignity to the pop genre. If not very innovative, the band’s talent – particularly exhibited by guitarist Hugh Harris – is admirable; lead singer Luke Pritchard also puts spunk into catchy melodies. Some may find the lyrics to be a bit unoriginal, but they work with the upbeat, debonair quality of the music while refraining from vapidity.

Most of the tunes sound reminiscent of fellow Brit bands Oasis and The Kinks, but rather than ripping off anybody’s signat ure sound, “Konk” pays homage to these bands and does it well.