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Blogging for beauty tips

The new blog phenomenon has caught on for the City College Cosmetology Academy.

Evening esthetician students have a new medium in which to communicate and learn the tricks of their trade since the beginning of April.

Melissa Mellott, a new instructor at the cosmetology academy, started blogging for her students because “there weren’t enough clients coming in at night for facials.

“Over time, I hope the blog helps promote the pampering facials we offer,” said Mellott, noting that facials are reduced to $30 for a treatment giving students more practice for the real world.

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Started through, the blog also alleviates some of the impacted classroom space in cosmetology and helps with grading.

“College students measure their success sometimes by grades and because the esthetician students are graded not entirely in a traditional format,” said Mellott. “I thought over time, a blog could bring that sense of accomplishment to the class.”

So far, Mellott is the only contributor to the blog but hopes that students will write entries in the future. This will not only help students’ writing skills, but also to learn as a useful tool for a future in spa management and business.

Photos are added to the blog to help “show the personality of each student” in addition to training and teaching.

“Students are there to learn skincare, obviously, but I think it’s important to use other resources to teach students how to enhance their business and a blog is a way to do that,” said Mellott.

Mellott believes that the blog is important to the esthetician program because it allows her to highlight accomplishments of students and provides an opportunity for students to share what they have learned through experiences and classroom lessons.

With all the other forms of multimedia in the world today, why a blog?

“A blog is a simple concept,” said Mellott. “It’s just an online journal exercise that allows the public to read the happenings of our class.”

Next time a facial is needed or an esthetician student needs help on how to perform the perfect facial, has all the answers needed.

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