SBCC to offer life-guarding class once again

Elodie Rolland and Elodie Rolland

A new Lifeguard Training class will open this summer at Santa Barbara City College, called PE 225.

“I think it is a great class for SBCC and a good opportunity for students because at the end of the class they will be able to get a job,” said Bobbi Houghton, the instructor of PE 225.

The class will take place May 27 through June 6. During the two weeks students will have 4 hours of class everyday. The class will be divided between the pool and the classroom. Students will learn life saving techniques, how to recognize unsafe behavior, first aid, and CPR/FPR/AED.

“They need to be pretty comfortable in the water to do this class; otherwise, everybody can do it,” said Houghton.

After successful completion, those enrolled will get the American Red Coast Certificate. Attendance is required, and at the end of the two-week period students will have a final practice and written exam. For the practice exam, students will have to rescue an active and passive victim in some different situations. The written portion of the exam will be about life guarding skills.

Houghton has been a lifeguard for 42 years, she teaches at UCSB for 38 years, and she has been a lifeguard trainer for 25 years.

“It is a good and an easy way to make money for students during the summer,” said Kathy O’Connor, the dean of the Physical Education department.

City College used to offer the class, but had to cancel it due to low enrollment at less than 20 students, which was fewer was expected. The administration decided to try again because of the opportunity the class provides for students, but this time they expect between ten to 15 students.

“Students need to be confident with their skills,” said Houghton.

After earning the certificate, students can apply everywhere like pools, lakes, ocean, etc.

“After their training, students feel confident to go and help someone if it’s needed,” said Houghton.

Houghton also said that students need to be motivated to take the challenging class.