Incident report: Student saves woman in surfing class

Ariel Seth

The following is a compliation of entries from the Campus Security logs.

Jan. 29

While walking home, a female student was followed by a man in his car. He followed her into her house uninvited and left his phone number on a piece of paper. Campus Security called Santa Barbara Police Department, which would call the number the man left.

 Feb. 1

Security called the SBPD about a student driving under the influence on campus. Police came to talk to driver, and the vehicle was impounded. The student received a citation.

Feb. 5

While fighting for a parking space, a student reported that another student threatened him, saying he was “packing heat”and sped off. No gun was actually shown.

Feb. 7

A female student reported her True Religion jeans and wallet were stolen after she left them in an unlocked locker in the Life Fitness Center.

Feb. 7

A fight occurred on West Campus between two men. Neither wanted to press charges so the police were not called. Both suffered small cuts and abrasions.

 Feb. 12

A female student was stuck in the elevator in the IDC building. The fire department came to assist in getting the doors open. The student was quickly removed. No injuries were reported.

Feb. 13

The video game “Super Smash Brothers” for Nintendo Gamecube was reported missing on Feb. 4 from the Club Room adjacent to the Cafeteria on East Campus.

Feb. 14

A female student in PE 137 was surfing when she fell from surfboard and hit her head. A student passing by pulled her from water, and she had no pulse. A lifeguard on the scene gave CPR, and she regained consciousness. She was transported to Cottage Hospital.

Feb. 19

Security was contacted by Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department regarding a missing person who was possibly a student at City College. She was reported missing by her parents and records show she has not attended class since Feb. 5.


After a further investigation wit the The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department, The Channels found that the 17-year-old girl was found and is not a student at City College.