Incident report-iPods and laptops solen

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Nov. 13

A student’s car was broken into from the driver side rear window in lot 5-4 in the West Campus parking structure. The stolen items include an iPod, a white Macbook laptop, a pink Kodak camera and $60 in cash.

Nov. 14

An elderly woman fell on her face on asphalt while attending the band rehearsal in the Drama-Music Building. She was helping her husband with his wheelchair and did not see a step leading to carpool parking lots on West Campus. She had a cut under her eye and both hands and knees were scraped.

Nov. 15

Three cars parked on the third level of the West Campus parking structure were all broken into through the driver’s side window. A blue backpack, laptop, ATM cards and an iPod were stolen from the first car. The third car also had an iPod stolen from the center consul.

Nov. 20

A witness noticed two students allegedly cutting and smoking cocaine behind the Eli Luria Library on West Campus. One suspect ran off while the second suspect stayed and was interviewed. She had a pipe in her bag and other Baggies in her underwear. The Santa Barbara Police Department arrived and cited the woman for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.