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Getting a kick out of soccer

The International Student Department has organized the third bi-annual International Soccer Tournament at City College. The event will be taking place Nov. 16 and 30 at La Playa stadium.

“We are out there for fun, fitness, and friendship,” said international student assistant Tok Funatogawa.

All students and staff of City College, and local international students are welcome to participate in the tournament. To take part in this event, teams must sign up at the International Student office at City College.

The winning team will receive the International Student Tournament cup trophy, and all of the team’s members will be awarded with medals. The rest of the participants will receive certificates of participation.

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Each game will begin on the hour, starting at 8 a.m., and will consist of two 25-minute halves, and a five-minute halftime break.

International Student Support Program Coordinator, Angela Coady and her assistants created the International Soccer Tournament. The competition will follow the Federation ofInternational Football Association rules, and three professional referees will be working throughout the competition. All participants must sign a waiver and turn it in to the International Students office or they will not be eligible to compete.

“Students really enjoy themselves every tournament,” Coady said. “It’s great to see the bonding process as the competition comes to an end.”

This tournament has now become a tradition at City College. The event used to take place once a year, but due to popular demand it now takes place every semester.

“Everyone should come and participate,” said Funatogawa, whose team received a runners-up honor at the finals of last spring’s tournament. “It’s cool to see your fans on the bleachers cheering for you.”

Funatogawa said that not only is this a soccer tournament, but it also gives residents and International students a chance to mingle with each other.

Nine teams of 11 players have already signed up for this fall’s International Soccer Tournament. There is a 12-team limit to the tournament.

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to get out there and participate in the tournament. It is an opportunity for students to teach their instructors a lesson on the field, and its also gives those a chance who cannot commit to the sport all season to shine.

“I had a great time,” said a participant of last year’s winning team William Tiki. “Everyone should try it.”

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