CD Review: Britney Spears-“Blackout”

Sandra Gamez, Sandra Gamez, and Sandra Gamez

Just when the world thought Britney Spears couldn’t get any lower, she had to release a CD with an appropriate name to summarize her album: “Blackout.”

The former pop-princess turned wack job tries to regain her audience with fresh dance beats, but lacks in originality and frankly, style.

The album’s first track, “Gimme More” has some potential, but quickly loses momentum by the over-powering music and excessive moans and groans from Spears herself.

“Piece of Me” is a synopsis of her life as a mom and her trouble with the law. It’s outright terrible.

Every song is a semi-pornographic advertisement to go to the nightclub to “eat a piece of me, and come and get it.” The truth is, her music is so over produced that she doesn’t even sound like a person. If a blow-up doll could sing, this is what she would sound like.