CD Review: Baby Bash -“Cyclone”

Olivia Palmer, Olivia Palmer, and Olivia Palmer

Baby Bash‘s new album “Cyclone” meets partying standards, but I’m not sure how great sober enjoyment is. Baby Bash has definitely matured since we heard him last, but besides the hit “Cyclone,” nothing’s that riveting.

Unfortunately, we as a generation are suffering a major insufficiency of decent hip hop. Seriously, what are we listening to? Pathetic, imitation rap devoid of any serious meaning or thought.

“It must be rainin’ dollas because she’s so damn gravy.”

…Umm what? I do have to admit though, some of the beats are quite appealing, and I’ll probably catch myself dancing to them one of these hazy nights.

We as the people need to speak our demand for real music. It’s embarrassing thinking of the incredibly intense and significant roots of this genre, now degraded by this rubbish. There’s more to hip hop than ladies and booze, it is passion¬- and someone needs to man up and express it.