CD Review: Carrie Underwood-“Carnival Ride”

Kyle Calbreath, Kyle Calbreath, and Kyle Calbreath

Once again she has done it. She does it so well that Faith and Leann may be having another fit as Carrie Underwood takes home Female Artist of the Year again for her stimulating new album “Carnival Ride.”

With her intense voice and damn good looks, this girl has got the ability to make people stop, look and listen.

She starts off inspirational with her first single “So Small.” It makes hearts flutter, and puts life into a simple perspective.

Underwood’s voice is among the best. She hits every note and pours passion into every word. Talent like this is hard to come by and the stigma of her American Idol status is lost as she opens her vocal cords to her listeners. Underwood is a true star and a star that will keep rising as she has conquered not only country and pop music charts, but the infatuation of millions of other listeners.

Taking this ride with Underwood will make anyone a believer that this world may actually have something good to offer. And Underwood is absolutely one of those things.

4 out of 5 stars