Letter to the Editor

Channels contributor: Tom Garey, Channels contributor: Jose Luis Sanchez, Channels contributor: Tom Garey, Channels contributor: Jose Luis Sanchez, Channels contributor: Tom Garey, and Channels contributor: Jose Luis Sanchez

Editor: The Channels

We genuinely appreciate the article (“Seeking a modern interpretation” 10/4/07) and picture regarding the planned renovation of the Drama/Music building authored by Rhys Alvarado and Andrea Whiting. We are genuinely excited about the prospect of this modernization and are happy to have information about it made known.

In terms of what is and is not currently funded, some clarification of information in the sidebar is needed. First, and only because it has been a source of major frustration for so many of our students and patrons, the expansion of the restrooms is included in the currently funded scope of work. Not only will this relieve an ongoing headache, but it is also required by current codes. In fact, current funding provides for the entire structure to be brought up to current codes, not the least of which is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). By completion, we believe this will be one of the most accessible performing arts facilities of its kind, affording not only patrons with a variety of accessible seating choices, but making it possible for students with mobility challenges to gain safe access to backstage areas for training that is typically inaccessible in other venues.

In sum, the current level of funding will allow us to complete almost all of the required code and infrastructure upgrades as well as some program needs of the music and theatre arts department. The supplemental local funding, if it can be secured, will provide for true modernization in bringing the program facilities up to current state-of-the-art conditions and will ensure that both departments will be able to continue offering 21st century instruction for many years to come.

We applaud the administration and the Board of Trustees for their efforts in attempting to secure this much needed additional funding.

-Tom Garey
Theater Arts department chair