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-In the Oct. 4 issue’s security incident report, an entry about stolen supplies in the cosmetology department incorrectly stated that Security had speculated the time period when supplies were taken. Security had not determined the period, but was given the estimation by cosmetology students. The Channels regrets the error.

-In the Oct. 4 article “Faces Found,” an art preview for the John Sonsini exhibit in the Atkinson Gallery, one of his portraits was incorrectly titled as “Miguel.” The correct name of the work is “Rene.” The Channels regrets the error.

-In a sidebar that accompanied an Oct.4 article “Seeking a modern interpretation” about the Drama-Music Building renovation, the plan for building larger restrooms was incorrectly listed under unfunded projects. The plan for larger restrooms does have funds in place. The Channels regrets the error.