Brief-Student senate

Whitney Clark, Whitney Clark, and Whitney Clark

Student Success advisor Matt Lorenzen sought the Associated Student Senate’s opinion Friday about a new program that would alert students when they are in danger of being placed on academic probation and disqualification.

“The idea is to try and intervene with these students early,” Lorenzen said. The program, called “Early Alert Program” is currently being developed.

Of the approximately 18,000 students enrolled at City College, about 2,000 are on academic probation, meaning their grade point averages have fallen below 2.0 overall. Students on academic probation are subject to disqualification if their cumulative gpa falls below a 2.0 in all units for two consecutive semesters. About 800 students are on academic disqualification.

“There is a need [for the program],” Lorenzen said.

The senate decided hold off on responding to Lorenzen’s request until the next senate meeting.

ASB President Tom Fitzgerald reported that the presidential search brochure was finalized and a few grammatical errors were found at the last search meeting. The brochure is to detail the job requirements for applicants looking to be City College’s next president. The committee has asked for the senate to propose any questions they deem important for the interviewees.