CD review-Kanye West’s “Graduation”

Eva Nieto-Micue

Hip-hop producer and rapper Kanye West dropped his third album “Graduation” Tuesday. The new release features 14 tracks with collaborations with other well-known artists such as Mos Def, T-Pain, and Chris Martin from Coldplay.

Some of the anthems-to-be include “Can’t tell me nothing” and “Stronger,” which are both currently scoring high points on the hottest hip hop lists.

The album covers a range of styles that can definitely please an audience who doesn’t really have an ear for hip-hop. Songs such as “Stronger” don’t really have a defined line between the futuristic-electronic music and hip-hop sounds Kayne uses, but they prove once more that Kanye has a wide range of music styles.

Whether you prefer Kanye’s or 50 cent new album “Curtis,” which came out on the same day and was considered major competition for Kayne, just make sure you don’t miss the “Graduation.”

4 out of 5 stars

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