Women’s volleyball spiked, gets served

Ariel Cohen, Ariel Cohen, and Ariel Cohen

The Vaqueros women’s volleyball team was swept 30-27, 30-28, 30-25 in its match against Santa Monica Friday, after a courageous effort and spending half the game neck and neck.

Head coach Ed Gover said he had been “anticipating a competitive game” from the visiting Corsairs, especially because women’s volleyball is extremely “competitive at Santa Monica.”

The Vaqs fell to 2-4 overall and 0-1 in conference. The team had been on the road in Sept. while its first home and conference game was played on Friday.

Gover said it was “good to play at home.” The stands had an abundance of cheering fans. Students from other City College athletic programs strolled in halfway through the game to watch and support their fellow Vaqueros.

The fans’ support proved to be effective during the game as the Vaqs came closer and closer to catching up to their Western State Conference rivals.

After the game, Sara Wilton, one of the team’s two returning players, spoke about the team’s weaknesses and mistakes throughout the game.

Wilton believes the core problems the team struggled with were a lack of “communication, no killer instinct, and [being] scared.” Wilton stresses that to prepare for future games, the team needs to concentrate on improving passing and their ability to return to their positions on defense.

Wilton adds experience and leadership to the young team.

“Captain is a military term,” said Gover. He prefers to call them team leaders instead. The Vaq’s leaders this year are Brianna Stewart, Ashley Harris, and Wilton.

Gover said he “feels fortunate” for his team this semester. He enjoys how every year comes equipped with a new team as well as a new challenge.

While this year’s team is made up of 11 newcomers and only two returning players, the team as a whole “loves the game and is filled with positive energy,” Gover said.

The Vaqueros will play Glendale College Friday at 7 p.m. in the Sports Pavilion.