Vaqs softball shafted at state seeding meet

Owen Grohman

The Vaqueros softball team narrowly missed the playoffs as a result of a decision made by the Southern California seeding committee.

“Right now, the process is too subjective,” said coach Paula Congleton. “It allows coaches to manipulate the system.”

The Vaqs finished 25-12-1 overall, which was a better record than three teams that made the postseason ahead of them. They finished in third place in league with a 14-8 record.

“We need to base the criteria more on statistics,” said Congleton, who, in her sixth year has now twice been just shy of bringing the program to its first playoff appearance.

The team still had quite a few accomplishments this season. 10 players were honored as All-League performers.

Four of those players were freshman, and with some strong recruits coming in from all over the country, the team looks to make the committee’s decision a little easier next season.

“We’re already looking forward to next year,” says Congleton, “and to continuing the success of our program.”

*Pitcher Maria Coder and freshman shortstop Nicole Bouchereau reached All-League first team. Coder (12-7, 1.38 ERA) ended her career as one of CC’s all-time greats. Bouchereau was also named All-State for Southern Califonia and has been nominated an All-American.

*The All-League second team includes sophomore pitcher Jessica Hurtado, catcher Myka Wright and left fielder Lexie Schweikhardt. Freshmen Bria Wilson and Elsa Dearth were also recognized. Three players earned honorable mention.