Poetic images fill ‘Divorce Museum’

Tracy Chamberlin

“The Divorce Museum” is the newest theatrical work from Terre Ouwehand, chair of the English Department at City College.

“It’s about her experience as a child of divorced parents,” Ouwehand said, “from the child’s perspective.”

The audience is taken through a set of poems and images known as a poem cycle. This style of poetic theatre is meant to compliment the sense of growth and healing that can occur with this type of personal journey.

This is not Ouwehand’s first theatrical work. She has been a part of the creative community of faculty at City College for years. Other City College faculty contributed to Ouwehand’s production like Bonnie Lewis and Pamela Zwehl-Burke. Ouwehand describes the play as “a series of poetic images hanging in the museum of her psyche.”

Ouwehand explained the two main themes of the piece. She said often the focus is on the relationship between the parents even though the effects on the children can be greater and last longer. Also, children can choose to address these effects and do something for themselves.

Ken Gilbert and Lewis make up the DramaDogs, a local experimental theater group, who will be performing “The Divorce Museum” at the Center Stage Theatre this Friday at 8 p.m. and Saturday at 2 p.m.