Injuries abound; car crashes to boot

Chris Cadelago, Chris Cadelago, and Chris Cadelago

City College Security officers have seen an increase in both student injuries and car accidents over the past two months.

Some cases required trips to Cottage Hospital, while others called for a visit to Student Health. Security officers stress that with the rainy season here, students should continue to make safety a priority when cruising the campus parking lots.

Below is a list of reported instances and campus crimes since the start of the semester.

Aug. 25

Student dislocated their shoulder. Transported to Cottage Hospital.

Aug. 29

Student reported that her baby seat was stolen. The seat was later recovered in the parking lot.

Aug. 30

Medications were stolen from a motorcycle.

Aug. 31

Student was struck by a soccer ball breaking their glasses.

Sept. 1

A cheerleader suffered a concussion in a fall during practice. The incident happened on the lawn in front of the Campus Center.

Sept. 14

Custodian found a black bag with $217 inside.

Sept. 14

Santa Barbara Police responded to a three car accident. No injuries occurred.

Sept. 15

Student burned another student’s arm while trying to get her attention. The two were high school acquaintances. When security arrived the student took off running and was not caught.

Sept. 17

A bicycle was reported stolen outside a student’s catering class.

Sept. 19

A Security officer found graffiti on the wall by the baseball field.

Sept. 20

Santa Barbara Police responded to a two car accident on Loma Alta St. No injuries occurred.

Sept. 23

Security responded to two students involved in a yelling confrontation.

Sept. 27

Student struck by vehicle in a hit n’ run accident. Santa Barbara Police responded. Student not seriously injured.

Sept. 27

East Campus security kiosk. Suspect approached a Campus Security officer and exchanged words in a hostile manner. The suspect had previously been warned by Ben Partee, assistant dean of Educational Programs, to be on his best behavior.

Oct. 5

Student taken into custody by Santa Barbara Police for an out of state felony warrant.