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Getting around the signs

There seems to be an issue concerning reading of the various signs around campus.

For instance there are the “NO SKATEBOARDING” signs that obviously do not apply to skateboarders.

Apparently, the off chance that an administrator or instructor would stop them is not worth the safety of the other, less-carefree students using the bridge.

The skateboarders do not consider the fact that maybe the other students are too busy thinking about an upcoming test or their incomplete homework assignment to check behind them for any 20 mile per hour skateboarder traffic. And these on foot students do not have to worry about campus security that is just as likely to run over someone at the speeds they drive around in their carts.

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No skateboards or bicycles please, but stealthy, high-speed vehicles, that is perfectly okay.

It is a rare but satisfying event to see these “extreme” athletes crumble to the will of an authority figure. Red with fury they plant a foot, pick up their boards and try to avoid the giggles and glances of their fellow, literate classmates. “Can you not read?” they would whisper while grinning.

Cyclists apparently do not have time both to get off their bikes and push them across the bridge. The lifestyles are at a faster pace than everyone else’s. The confusing part of the sign is the word “please”. Please no skateboards or bicycles, but we cannot really do anything about it if you do use them.

There was such a negligence of students reading the “designated smoking area” and “smoke free campus” signs that they had to put red benches to color code the areas exclusively for smokers. This still does not seem clear enough to explain that, as far as the City College is concerned, non-smoking students should not be associating themselves with smoking students.

Just as well, the library comes equipped with convenient signs indicating clearly where to enter and where to exit, attempting to control traffic in and out of the library. Some people just do not want to walk the 10 extra steps to use the appropriate exit. Why should they be told which door to use?

The ever-confusing speed limit signs certainly are an issue around campus too. Can we slow down by maybe 10 miles per hour on Cliff Drive folks? Understandably, it is hard to take your foot off the gas in a BMW or Mercedes, but some people do walk to school. Those students would probably appreciate not having to fear for their lives every morning.

“NO SKATEBOARDING,” “NO BYCICLES,” “NO PARKING,” “NO SMOKING,” “PLEASE WALK,” “PLEASE RECYCLE,” “EXIT,” “ENTRANCE,” “SPEED LIMIT,” etc. These signs exist for a reason folks. For the safety, efficiency, and sanity of others, please respect the signs.

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