Chicken soup for the artistic soul

Ariel Cohen

Filled with poems, illustrations and short stories created by students, “Etchings” 2005 is set to hit the stands on October 31.

“Etchings,” which was started in 1998 by the Readers and Writers club of City College and is “student driven all around,” Liz Russotti, graphic design and photography department chair said. It is distributed campus wide each year.

Russotti and Michael Walker, assistant-professor of the English department, are the advisors for this year’s “Etchings.” The book has become “a collaboration between the English and Graphic Design departments,” said Russotti. She and the graphic design students have been given the responsibility to format and lay out the book every year.

Russotti said funding is coming from the VTEA (Vocational and Technical Education Act) and several other committees. Russotti added they have been receiving private donations from City College in the past two years and thanks to these extra funds, it has been possible to “have 10 pages in color.” She explained the funding has allowed them to use a digital copier, making it possible to print the color pages.

Russotti says the reason for publishing these works of art is “to show the campus what students [are capable of].” Students such as Lisa Reed and Christopher Cadelago choose to write short stories, while students like Jason Hernandez prefer illustrating.

Cadelago’s story Mother’s Little Helper intricately describes the life of a dysfunctional family from the eyes of an outsider, while Hernandez’s illustration “Reach for Peace,” depicts hands reaching out from each other in front of a colorful backround.

Students across campus are enjoying these works of art. Russotti said she and Walker have been receiving eager questions as early as September from students about this year’s Etchings and when it will be distributed.

Since the book is free and only 500 copies have been printed this semester, students should do their best to get their hands on a copy as soon as possible, Russotti advised. “Some students want more than one copy,” Russotti said, making the availability of these complimentary books even more limited. “Etchings” 2005 is set for release on Oct. 31. Copies of the book will be available on both sides of City College campus in the English department, located in the IDC building on West Campus, and in the Digital Arts Building, located on East Campus.