Brief – Community creates joke cookbook

Evan Parker, Evan Parker, and Evan Parker

Everyone could use a good laugh while preparing a nice meal, so faculty members have volunteered their time and money creating the first City College recipes and jokes book to raise money for the Santa Barbara United Way.

The book is 111 pages and packed with over 100 recipes and 30 jokes, all submitted by City College staff, faculty, and students.

Sherie Higgins, senior secretary for educational programs, and Sharon Coffield, assistant controller for the accounting department, were looking to find a way to privately raise money to help the hurricane victims.”It’s a way our college can reach out to our community,” Coffield said. “Our community gives so much to the school, now it’s our turn to give back.” The book costs 7 dollars and all of the proceeds will go directly to the Santa Barbara United Way.

Superintendent-President John Romo, who personally paid for all the paper, submitted his very own Arroz con Pollo recipe. Randy “Chef” Bublitz, chair for the School of Culinary Arts, and students in the program also added to the collection.

“I’ve already sold over 100 copies of the cookbook and it hasn’t even been released yet,” Coffield said. “Those who have seen the sample book have ordered several copies. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, e-mail Sharon Coffield at [email protected] Pick up a copy and laugh your way to a delicious meal.