CDReview – Timbaland ‘Shock Value’

John Stark

When you pop the new Timbaland album, “Shock Value,” in the CD player, prepare to be electrified.

The Virginia-based producer brings new meaning to the word eclectic as he has tracks with such diverse artists as Elton John, 50 Cent, Fall-out Boy, Missy Elliot, The Hives and many more.

The album also features three songs with Tim’s hit making partner, Justin Timberlake, including “Give it to me,” the song burning up the airwaves that also features Nelly Furtado.

Other stand-out tracks include “Come get me,” “Scream,” “Kill Yourself,” and “Boardmeeting,” which features his original partner in crime from ’93, Magoo.

Shock Value contains something for everyone and just might open your ears to artists you never heard before.