Professor brews up student success

Lauren Rubin

Every day, hundreds of students enter the City College campus to attend classes with their peers and to learn about subjects that will one day help them in the future.

Every teacher has his or her own unique teaching techniques that can be either useless or inspirational. One particular professor has turned a somewhat dry subject into a popular course selection.

Scott Brewer has a master’s in educational psychology. He is a guidance counselor and has been teaching Personal Development 100 at City College for the last seven years.

Brewer is well-liked by both current and former students. He has one of the highest ratings on, scoring a 4.7 out of 5 on his overall quality in the City College section.

He is set aside from other educators seeing as he has an interest in the success of his students as well as personal experience in the downside of personal development.

“I began my college education at Antelope Valley Community College and had to acquire these skills by painful trial and error. I had to find out the hard way that success in college had more to do with self-management than sheer brain power,” Brewer explained.

Brewer helps students both in class and in guidance. His personal development class teaches students to clarify their future goals and figure out the process

They need to take to reach their aspirations. Topics in his class include setting goals, managing tine, study help and career planning.

Although these may not be topics that people generally like being taught or criticized about, Brewer has a way of teaching that makes this topic fun and exciting, and many students around campus know of his teaching styles prior to taking his class.

Although he has a reputation of being a strict teacher, especially when it comes to attendance, very few students had anything bad to say about him and the negative comments were outweighed by the fact that everyone seems to love Brewer as a person and a teacher.

He is a very dedicated teacher with the best interest of his students on his mind at all times. Unlike some educators, he is genuinely happy to be teaching.

Professor Brewer said, “Teaching College Success is one of my very favorite things to do. I get excited about sharing these study and self-management skills with students because I know how effective they have been in my life.”

Former student Jenna Lysne, 20, only had positive things to say about him. “He was easy going, but I remember always wanting to go to class because he made it pretty fun” she said. “He encouraged his students to be themselves and to look deep into whatever we were interested in.”

If a person can single handedly change the way a student feels about himself or herself they have a true gift.

Scott Brewer has embraced this gift and chose to express it in the form of teaching at City College.

Brewer is not the average teacher. He declared: “I take pride in modeling the same level of dedication and preparedness that I expect of my students.”