Makings of a president

Channels staff

What does it take to be a good leader?

It takes confidence. It takes communication. It takes commitment.

Alliteration aside, The Channels believes the new Associated Student President should have all these qualities and more.

Student presidents must come into office with a strong idea of what they want to accomplish during their term and a solid plan on how to do it. These goals must benefit City College, with both students and campus in mind.

Beyond goals for the college, the student presidents must be in tune with their constituents.

Student presidents must listen to the wants and needs of the student body, and do everything in their power to assure that those wants and needs are fulfilled.

Student presidents must also be more than just talk. They must follow a plan of action and stick with it.

A good student body president must promote a sense of school pride.

For too long, students have traded in school spirit for a cool buzz.

What’s more, the president should be forthright with the student press. The president must be up-front and honest about all school matters.

Student presidents must state their agenda clearly and be accessible.

Above anything, we stress that the new president must always keep the college in mind when making decisions and must always be working towards bettering City College.

We know our battle cry may fall upon deaf ears.

It is no secret that in last year’s election, only 1.65 percent of the student population voted.

But this year, with many big items on the college’s agenda, it’s time students wake up to make their presence known and vote in a decent president.

Whoever is elected will be making decisions that affect us all.

We need to ensure that our student president is competent and capable of living up to our expectations.

Sure, it’s not a country, but City College is an important part of our lives and future and a student president can change it for better or worse.

With our school so ingrained in our lives, we must not sit idly by during the student presidential elections that can alter the course of City College’s future.

We must be aware of issues and hold our new president to high standards.

We must make sure our great college has the proper leadership to usher it into a successful tomorrow.