CDReview – Various Artists ‘2007 Grammy Nominees’

Lauren Rubin and Lauren Rubin

The “2007 Grammy Nominees” CD has it all: pop, alternative and country. This newly released annual album has something for everyone offering a variety of music that is sure to please the listener in one way or another. The musicians featured on the CD include Gnarls Barkley, John Mayer, Dixie Chicks, John Legend, Paul McCartney, and Keane, just to name a few. Each song and artist has its own individuality and unique style of singing and musicianship and although they are from different genres of music, they mesh together to create a variety of songs for all occasions whether you are partying, studying, or just cruising around in the car. If the listener does not desire a song offered they could easily hit the next button on the stereo and find a song they do like among the 23 songs on the CD. The “2007 Grammy Nominees” CD can be found anywhere CD’s are sold.