Men & Women’s golf – Melendez earns third straight coach award

Rhys Alvarado, Rhys Alvarado, and Rhys Alvarado

Head Golf Coach Chuck Melendez was deemed the Western State Conference Coach of the Year for the third straight year on Jan. 27, his leadership on behalf of his leadership for both the men and women’s golf teams.

“The honor was due to my teams’ success,” Melendez said.

During the halftime of the women’s basketball home game, Melendez along with the women’s golf team, shared the honor of his award as well as the hanging of a new banner to commemorate the women’s winning in the state championship last semester.

Women’s golf also went virtually undefeated in the fall with a 45-0 season record.

Men’s golf also placed second in the 2006 state tournament.

“These groups were highly motivated and intelligent,” Melendez said. “An honor and a pleasure.”

Hoping for similar results of the previous, Melendez continues his coaching career this spring semester coaching men’s golf. team.

-Rhys Alvarado