CDReview – Ana’s Mitchell ‘The Brightness’

Ariel Cohen, Ariel Cohen, and Ariel Cohen

On her new album “The Brightness,” Ana’s Mitchell uses her beautifully unique voice to win over the listener.

Her ability to transition from a low voice to a loud and powerful one brings a dynamic most music lacks today. The music is driven by the content and delivery she orchestrates to turn these songs into real pieces of art.

The 25-year-old folk-rocker, who began writing songs at 17, brings originality to a time when music needs it most. With the honesty usually only heard in a child’s voice, Mitchell chants about everything from personal experiences to the very real problems the world is facing today.

Featuring an array of instruments, the most interesting one continues to be Mitchell’s voice, giving every song a different flavor for the listener’s hungry ears.

Whether or not you’re a fan of folk music, this singer/songwriter is definitely worth a chance in your CD player.