Lupe Fiasco, CD Review

Nick Mukhar, Nick Mukhar, and Nick Mukhar

Largely unknown hip-hop artist, Lupe Fiasco, releases a true winner with his album, “Food and Liquor.” His laid-back beats and rough-rhyming combo gives you tracks to listen to while your mobbin’ in your ride, getting hyphy at a party, or chillin’ at the pad. Coming from the streets of Chicago, Fiasco raps about his days skating as kid and finding ways to stay out of trouble. He raps about struggles people can relate to and the best part of the album is by far the smooth music. I found myself listening to songs 3-4 times to hear the lyrics because I was so caught by the originality of the rhythm and beats. His song, “kick, push,” combines his struggle to survive in his hood, with the best beats on the album. Whether you’re listening for some good tunes, good rhymes, or just a talented artist doing what he does best, you can’t go wrong with “Food and Liquor.”