Brief – Students explore job opportunities

Bridget Veltri and Bridget Veltri

With 54 non-profit and government organizations lining the walkways of West Campus, Sept. 19, the eighth annual Helping Hands Volunteer and Job Fair was a success.

The organizations came to the college in hopes of soliciting student involvement for their causes through volunteer work, internships and some paid employment opportunities. The Helping Hands Fair is an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the structure and networking of non-profit organizations, said Work Site Coordinator, Sheri Leigh. It also allows students to experience the rewards of giving back to their community, she added.

About 500 students browsed the booths. “I think community service is really important,” City College student, Meredith Cotey said.

The students were not the only people impressed with the Job Fair. “The organizations were raving about all the student interest and how well presented it was,” Leigh said. “The whole campus pulled together to make it work.”

-Bridget Veltri